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IWLA WaCoVa Chapter has a new website and blog

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Welcome to our new blog, The Hogback Newsletter, and to our new and improved website!

We are hoping this blog will be a place where our members and community can go to keep up with what is happening at the park. Also, to read educational posts from our members and invited guests regarding topics that support our mission.

Calling on members to submit ideas and article suggestions to be featured on our blog! We want to hear from you, our members! Email the site at

We hope to be able to keep an active blog with interesting topics, but it will depend on our members to volunteer to help us keep it going! We are only strong when we have members step up to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer in an area that you may have an interest in. Check out our volunteer page under the "Outreach" tab to see what you can do to help and email us to let us know! Do you have a specific volunteer interest or skill but don't see it on the website? Email us, I am sure we have an area of need with your expertise!

What will you find on our new website?

In addition to interesting and educational articles, you will be able to direct potential members to our new site to download and email the membership application. Keep up to date on what is happening with your chapter out in the community. Sign up for different programs, such as our Walton Wednesdays. Check out our calendar to see what is coming up and to see if a weekend you might be interested in reserving is available. Then email the Calendar volunteer to make that reservation. Schools or other Organizations interested in visiting the park for a tour or outing? You can email our calendar coordinator to make the reservation.

Let's not allow this Pandemic to keep us apart. This website is one way forward to help re-engage with our membership! The Spring is upon us and the park will start to come back to life. We look forward to being able to break bread with our friends and fellow members soon!


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