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Join us for Youth Day Sunday, May 16, 1-5 pm!

We are so excited to be able to have Youth Day this year! We will keep the blog updated on all the information regarding the activities planned and any other pertinent information. As always, we cannot make this event a success without volunteers. Please consider helping us on the day of the event. Our community needs a special day outdoors like this! We are so fortunate to be able to share our park with the public for one day. The impact that these kinds of events have on our youth is huge!

Below is a list of volunteer needs. If there is a missing potential activity and you can volunteer to lead it then please let us know and sign up!

Areas we need help with:


Setup/Take Down


Activity Leaders:

Nature Activity for Primary Age Kids (Carrie Irre ??)

Nature Activity for Elementary Age Kids (Tina Bradshaw Flores??)

Save Our Streams (Richard Todd Stafford and Whitney)

Archery (Mitzi S Fox, Joanne Koszyk??)

Nature Hike/Edible Plant tour (Harry Reed??)

Shooting Range

Air Rifle

Fishing (???)

Fly Fishing Demo (Herschel Finch??)

Geocaching for teens???

Are there any other activities you think might be fun and would like to volunteer to lead? Let us know! Email Mary at

This year we will be asking people to bring a picnic lunch if they want food. We will not be able to serve food.


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