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Walton Wednesday Returns For It's Fifth Season!

The park was full of children on Wednesday! Over 30 children showed up to kick off our 5th Season of Walton Wednesday and they were all super excited to be here!!

The theme of the day was all about birds! The Little Ikes examined bird nests, a bird fossil, went on a scavenger hunt to find clues of bird life at the park, listened to bird songs to identify the different type of birds also found at the park and went on a hike with our journey sticks to look for things that birds might eat, things they might use to make a nest, and favorite natural treasures.

The Tiny Ikes went on a bird themed scavenger hunt, listened to the sounds of birds in the park, went on a walk with their journey sticks and made a beautiful bird craft!

Our Junior Ikes, much like our Little Ikes, examined and discussed all aspects of birds, their habitat and their songs. They went on a scavenger hunt and a quick hike to create their journey sticks.

We ended our day together with a picnic lunch and some of our Little Ikes decided to get creative and play a little game of baseball with a stick and an apple. We had some tree climbers and a fun game of chase to the end the day.

Next week, we will be identifying plants at the park, and exploring our five senses. We have a few spots open, and sometimes we have people that cancel their signup. So if you want to join us, keep track of our signup form online! You can click here to go to our signup form online! Hope to see you at the park!!


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